Neeraj Bal Mandir H.S. School

Our Facilities

School Campus

School is spread in 10000 Sqft of land with 36 fully equipped modern classrooms (Smart Classrooms, White Boards and latest Promethean Boards)

School Library

The School Library is a fundamental resource for supporting students’ learning, and a key support for teaching staff

School Laboratory

It is imperative for schools to have the latest and high quality laboratories these days. Teaching and learning process becomes effective.

Smart Classroom

Interactivity is a great feature that enhances the interest level of the students in their class leading to more number of hands raised to give answer.

Welcome to Neeraj Bal Mandir H.S. School

ImageKnowledge is that divine light which enlightens every heart and makes them free from the darkness of ignorance, suspicion, confusion and indecisiveness. Our school imparts this Knowledge in the form of cultural, moral, aesthetic values which make the student a true and complete human being, prepared to face any challenge of life. Students are equipped with the virtues of goodness, kindness, patriotism and punctuality.

We endeavor to educate the children not just making them liberate, but filled with the treasure of happiness and knowledge in their lives. By empowering our children through knowledge, right attitude, thinking skill, mental and physical dexterity; we teach them to carve themselves into a niche in the society. We gradually and consequently evolve our students into knowledgeable, mature and responsible members of the society.

Our Management

Dear Parents,

"Home prepares the child for future battles of life. Parental love and affection act as a protective shield while proper guidance at school provides the ammunition. A child's success or failure in life depends largely upon these vital determinants."


Neeraj Bal Mandir H.S. School

Dear Parents,

"Nearly Fifty years ago Public School Education was available to a small elite section of our society but one is happy to note that the same and even better education is available in schools like Neeraj Bal Mandir Higher Secondary School at a much lesser cost."

Vice Chairman's Message

Neeraj Bal Mandir H.S. School

Dear Parents,

"The school website acts as constant representative where students can gain first-hand information about the way a school works and having a well-designed, interactive and accessible website is crucial for any educational institute. "

Principal Message

Neeraj Bal Mandir H.S. School