Neeraj Bal Mandir H.S. School

Chairperson Message

Dear Parents,

Home prepares the child for future battles of life. Parental love and affection act as a protective shield while proper guidance at school provides the ammunition. A child's success or failure in life depends largely upon these vital determinants.

Most of the values and behaviour patterns are initiated at home: the school environment merely establishes them firmly and permanently. Whenever I walk through the nearby forest nursery and look at the little saplings growing safely under big shady trees, I am reminded of my nursery schools. if provided fertile soil and favourable environment, can grow into tall, strong, verdant tress. An unfavourable climate turns them into warped, dead wood.

Schools with comfortable buildings, plenty of educational and recreational facilities delight all children. In addition to providing children with opportunities for all round development, they also imbibe them with a sense of belonging and pride.

With lofty aim of establishing such a school, Neeraj Bal Mandir Higher Secondary School, Vishwanath Dham Colony MR-9 Road, Indore had established 'Kindergarten' and 'Neeraj Bal Mandir H.S. School'.

In order to translate the above objective into practicable reality, an appropriate state-of-art infrastructure had been devised. This system is run and supported by person of proven integrity, experience and expertise.

We assure you a better and brighter future for your wards.

Neeraj Bal Mandir H.S. School