Neeraj Bal Mandir H.S. School

School Library

The School Library is a fundamental resource for supporting students’ learning, and a key support for teaching staff. It provides a model for inquiry learning and building knowledge and confidence in seeking and processing information. The school library is pivotal to developing 21st century learners.

"We hope that libraries will always exist as places for learners to find information, resources, services, and instruction. But formats, technologies, learning needs, and our schools are evolving. And so are students themselves. Our entire information and communication landscapes have shifted—and this shift will only continue."

- Valenza & Johnston

The school has a well equipped library of 300 sq.ft. area which include books, periodicals, dailies, and magazines growing with every passing year along with the school. The school has a well stocked library with around 1000 plus books, 20 plus magazines, periodicals and dailies. The library also provides students and teachers with a range of reference books, encyclopaedia and an E-Library with internet facilities to enrich their classroom activities and knowledge. Our library also has all kinds of colourful, illustrative and attractive books for the keen kindergarten readers. With this huge range of reading material and digital materials available in school Library, students are encouraged to use their own initiative and develop into independent learners with a strong desire to think critically.